Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Kaputnik
> ""Josipovic, Nick"" <nick.josipovic@...> wrote in message
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> > It is oly to point you to the fact, that you are about to not make much
> > freinds in the community. While your input here might be really valuable
> > (have to check these hundreds of mails yet before I know it) the way you
> do
> > it is pretty bad. Just rethink your communication-strategy a bit, and
> > perhaps the clima in this group gets a bit more friendly again.
> >
> Personally, I find the manner in which Markus presents his opinions
> refreshing.
> You will always know where you stand with Markus.
> If someone becomes offended by any of his unfettered remarks I
> suggest they
> express their feelings at the time, which they usually do.
> In a global community we must all remember that perceptions, and indeed
> modes of expression, are not global.
> Instead of trying to change Markus, why not just change your perception of
> Markus.
> Jeff Dodds
Since I live less than 500 miles from where Markus lives (switzerland to
germany) our cultures should be pretty similar.
Your view is interesting, but I still prefer a kind tone when speaking with
others. While I like it when someone expresses his opinions very honestly, I
dislike it very much when it is not done in a respectfull and kind tone.
Even in the farest culture, respect and kindness are high moral values. I
think, there is no need to be agressive, and so I raised my word. I Will now
fall in silence again as before.....I'm only a lurker, and seldom feel the
need to post something.