Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Jeff Dodds
""Josipovic, Nick"" <nick.josipovic@...> wrote in message
> It is oly to point you to the fact, that you are about to not make much
> freinds in the community. While your input here might be really valuable
> (have to check these hundreds of mails yet before I know it) the way you
> it is pretty bad. Just rethink your communication-strategy a bit, and
> perhaps the clima in this group gets a bit more friendly again.

Personally, I find the manner in which Markus presents his opinions

You will always know where you stand with Markus.

If someone becomes offended by any of his unfettered remarks I suggest they
express their feelings at the time, which they usually do.

In a global community we must all remember that perceptions, and indeed
modes of expression, are not global.

Instead of trying to change Markus, why not just change your perception of

Jeff Dodds