Subject Re: [IBDI] Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Damian Dowling
>Good for you for getting something started. The sidebar idea is quite
>novel and I guess the colour scheme is still pretty experimental. You
>might reconsider the use of TNR as the body font - it's not standard on
>Linux browsers...and a fair proportion of our "newbies" will be on

Helen i have check the html and the only place that i have specified a font
is the Contents of the left, Is this the problem?

>The page doesn't work in Netscape 4.72 - the sidebar doesn't display at
>all. Having the logo etc. positioned at the foot of the page is
>interesting enough to be quite effective (in IE5) but that doesn't work in
>NN 4.72, either (it displays at the bottom of the page, doesn't stay fixed
>as it does in IE5).

I have been unable to duplicate the problem with Netscape - it works fine
for me on 4.76, can you give me any more info?

>Well done for walking your talk, Damian.


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