Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Josipovic, Nick
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> Subject: [IBDI] Re: Attention Firebird Demo Site
> Ok, here is what I think.
> I think that I hope this is a joke.
> <very large snip>

While I find some of your ponts very valid, your level of presentation is
below every discussion.
While you may be a professional or not (didn't follow IBDI for quite a while
due to travelling much) your comments are not professional and far away from
Damian did something, and presented results. In return, he gets very
inpolite and absolutely inappropriately worded critics from you. YOu are
directly insulting someone, who did something for the community, and even if
it was bad (and it was not so bad as you worded it) he has deserved respect
for plainly doing it.
The other point: It seems like you did the logo. Well, fine. If you do so
much words abotu doing the logo, let me loose some words about how damian
altered it. It is much better. if you don't like it, take you logos from you
site, and I will let someone from our art-department redraw it, and put it
up for everyone to alter it how he likes it. Period.
I think, it is time for a pretty large excuse.

my 2cents

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