Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Bill King
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> Subject: [IBDI] Re: Attention Firebird Demo Site
> Ok, here is what I think.

erm, you might find a lot more responsiveness, if you stop and take two
breaths before writing something. courtesy goes hand in hand with respect.
Give a courteous reply, and you will receive respect and courtesy back,
people will go out of their way to help and listen to you. Rant, and people
will ignore you. I know i've started to. You have some salient points, but
your delivery has some too, and they're too sharp for a community effort,
hell even a team effort. Take some chill pills, give your *constructive*
criticism, couched in courteous terms, and you'll find things go smoother
and faster.

Bill King.