Subject RE: [IBDI] Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Josipovic, Nick
Wanting to do something different is the problem of so many programmers :-))
Don't try to do something different for only this reason. If something is
good as it is, don't change it.
Many Programs have big problems because they don't work how the users expect
they should work, and navigating on the left side is one of these things.
e.G. despite of all disputes out there, there is one major reason, why I
will never use Netscape as Browser. It won't jump back one page, if I hit
the backspace button. Well, I have a logitech-mouse, so hitting the
thumb-button does this as well, but without the backspace-button, i can't
really use it as I like to use it. So, Netscape doesn't come into
consideration at all. Well, it is also terribly slow, buggy and ugly, but
the backspace button is my personal showstopper :-))
And all this only, because I am so accustomed to hitting backspace in the
explorer, the IE, and also all treeviews out there basing on the

The new layout suites me much better, and the navigation itself is done
nicely. Only the colors are terrible....
what about setting the blue to something really dark like clNavy, or even
clHighlight in win2K, and the links to light grey or brighter orange....this
should work pretty well....

Nick Josipovic
Corporate Market Intelligence

Phone: ++49 6227 762945

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> >Hi,
> >
> >just my 2cents:
> >Orange links on blue background are very difficult to
> read...either make the
> >blue darker or the link brighter.....
> >also, I would feel much much more comfortable with the
> navigation-bar at the
> >left, and not on the right, as this is the way, alsmot all
> programs, I use,
> >work (beginning with outlook and ending with my ERP/CRM-clients.....
> >
> >No offense, just observations....
> >
> >Nick Josipovic
> >Corporate Market Intelligence
> >
> >Phone: ++49 6227 762945
> Thanks for the observations. The reason i had the contents on
> the right is
> just to be different. As for the links, i know the colour is
> terrible -
> what do you think of how they work?
> Damian Dowling
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