Subject RE: [IBDI] Attention Firebird Demo Site
Author Damian Dowling
At 10:56 30/04/2001 , you wrote:
>just my 2cents:
>Orange links on blue background are very difficult to read...either make the
>blue darker or the link brighter.....
>also, I would feel much much more comfortable with the navigation-bar at the
>left, and not on the right, as this is the way, alsmot all programs, I use,
>work (beginning with outlook and ending with my ERP/CRM-clients.....
>No offense, just observations....
>Nick Josipovic
>Corporate Market Intelligence
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Thanks for the observations. The reason i had the contents on the right is
just to be different. As for the links, i know the colour is terrible -
what do you think of how they work?

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