Subject Re: [IBDI] Dear Helen...
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Fri, 27 Apr 2001 11:15:57 -0400, Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>At 02:39 AM 4/27/2001 -0300, Fabricio Araujo wrote:
>>December 99: Bill Karwin, former product manager of IB on Borprise (
>Bill managed the engineering group. He quit. So did Paul Beach, the
>general manager of the group, and Wayne Ostiguy, who was in charge of
>>... by her and Paul Reeves (initially)
>Paul Beach, actually. And Matt Larsen.

Yeah... Sorry for the mistake.

>>Feb 2K to June 2K: only BS from Borland. AnnH is employed on Borland to
>>command ne-
>I contracted to Borland as manager of the InterBase group - to keep
>the project running. I wore my other hat for the negotiations.

Ah, ok. Same as above.

>>July 2K:
>The order was ... negotiations were very drawn out. We hoped to close
>at Borcon. Didn't. Borland announced its decision to release the sources
>and V6 themselves immediately before their annual meeting. We suggested
>a different deal. Borland announced that the negotiations were off.
>>* Jim Starkey ...
>That one is complicated. Jim agreed to a fixed fee contract, and I
>didn't have the money to pay him.

Yeah. A contract is a contract.

THANKS! I don't have a Interbase DB of the facts, only wrote this
relying on my organic memory ;-)))))

[]s Fabricio
Systems Developer