Subject Re: [IBDI] Dear Helen...
Author Nick Gorham
pabeach@... wrote:

> Its amazing how time distorts facts.... and although I am reading this
> exchange with interest, I wish to add a couple of corrections.
> > Jim started because ISC and EasySoft couldn't agree on the development
> > price. The gory details of the failed agreement are not clear as to
> comment
> > on them. Later, Easysoft continued developing their driver.
> Jim did the ODBC driver, because he offered to do it cheaper and faster than
> Easysoft, he also had a better architecture.
> He also agreed to Open Source it - once he got paid for the work.

Well for what its worth, Having sat in a meeting with Paul Beach at Easysoft,
we had agreed a price, and the agreement was that it would be open source from
the begining. In fact by the time we were informed by Paul that the deal was
not going through, because they had someone else who was going to do it cheaper
for them, it was 75% of the way to the original beta release. As to the
development being faster than Easysoft, I don't know how much time they have
put into it to get to where it is today. And as to the better architecture,
again I will let people who have used the driver and seen the code comment.

Nick Gorham
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