Subject Re: [IBDI] Who is Markus?
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Markus

Firstly thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, It certainly helps
me understand a little better what your getting.

Im a little pressed for time so I'll be brief,

I think that you have been rather harsh in your criticism of Pavel, who
you seem to want to disagree with, and paint as inflexible and tied to a
paricular tool. I don't belive that Pavel is particulalry fixed on
using "PhPNuke" or any tool. This strikes me as odd, since most people
who I know that deal with Pavel find him very easy to get along with and
most accommodating.

I personally hold him in high regard, he has put in a lot of hard work
to progress Firebird (not just on the website) and its unplesant to find
him being dismissed in such a casual way. I'd suggest trying to be a
bit nicer, ( I think you promised it somewhere :-) even if you
disagree. But perhaps it is a language thing,

As an aside, I already have some web pages (now archived) that do not
use PHPNuke and coexist on the same server without any trouble. So I
belive that there would be no trouble integrating particularly the plain
simple web pages that are bieing discusses as a potential alternative
into/over the top of/or whatever of our current structure.

I must admit that I do not believe our web site is just for developers
but that is is our public face to the world, what we want the world to
know about us. Developers tend to know the direct links. Currently
though I think it works quite well (and I reaslise yuo diagree :-). The
development news traffic tends to be in other newslists.

Now I think there are plenty of positive things that can come out of
this discussion and a new web site design does seem to be one of those
and I think that follows on nicely from the logo.

I think the starting place is as Damian is suggesting to start
designing the proposed new pages. Im guessing that you want to
contribute to the designer in some fashion, and your help Im sure
(along with Pavels and others) would I belive be appreciated.

After this is done then the next step is to determine if "Firebird"
wants to use them. I suspect that after a design session such as you
have facilitated with the logo, will resul tin something that is
pleasing to most people and that it will be an easy decision to make.

I look forward to seeing the results :-).



I hope I answered most of your questions above, but some of the
following also gave me a smile.

markus.soell@... wrote:

> A company? Yes: The core of the community, the active contributors=20
> who join their efforts in order to pursue a common objective, that's=20
> what is called a company. These core members collaborate closely and=20
> share the benefit of the enterprise (e.g. the reputation that comes=20
> with the success of the project) but they are also collectively=20
> responsable for the venture. If for example Firebird should violate=20
> the IPL in some way, it's these core members that could be sued by=20
> Borland.

Wow how did we drift into that :-).

> Even an OSS project needs some leadership and the leaders are the=20
> core members, together, not just one of them. Your tendency to say=20
> website is Pavels domain, seems to be yet another example of=20
> your "being nice with one another" culture - obviously it avoids any=20
> conflicts. But nobody's perfect and at least for questions of=20
> fundamental interest for the project it makes no sens if all follow=20
> one member like sheeps, only because that one member was the first to=20
> start walking in a direction. For the sake of a successful project=20
> such things must be discussed and if there are diverging opinions a=20
> decision must be made. Conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing and=20
> with open minded people like I believe you have in your group, where=20
> the "defeated" member accepts to follow the majority, these decisions=20
> greatly contribute to the success of the whole community.

Conflict, here, naw it'll never happen not in the FB/IB community :-).

>> =20
>> =20
>> Now Marcus,
>> =20
>> I think it's time you told us a little about yourself, I very much=20
>> appreciate your involvement in the marketting issues here, as they
>> are important and the quality of your input and efforts in leading
>> the discussion have been supurb.
> I'm glad you like it...

I do, but do try to be nice to the participants, otherwise a lot of
people who can really help or contribute will jut walk away.


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