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> It already has a name.

this is not a good argument: "Let's use Firebird, because it has
always been named like that".

Well, I mean, if it was really a brand that had been in use, that
would be something else. But in the case of Firebird it actually
hasnt, not really and not since very long.

Once you release the product, it will be much harder to change
things. Note that some companys change even names of products they
have in the market. It costs them milions of advertising dollars.

Don't miss this oportunity to try and pick the very best names for
product and community.

How do you like my compromise suggestion to use FirebirdSQL as member
of a brand family?

I can understand Ann to some point, I also think my new title attempt
looked not very nice (ugly). So I tried something new:

The font for Firebird is still Gill, but not bold. Combined with the
ending SQL in bold letters, from the Swis721 font collection. I like
it quite well, the whole thing looks much lighter than before, please
take a look:

The website would still be named "Firebird". Only the main product of
the project, the RDBMS, would be called FirebirdSQL, because
indicative for the type of product, and because it matches the domain.

Just a suggestion,

Hope you like it :)

Best regards