Subject Re: [IBDI] Already named
It already has a name.

It has been born and named with a good name like Apple, Java,
and dozens of other easy grasp and visualize names. I've been
using it for closer to a year than not. My friends who are bored with
technology already know about Firebird.

Firebird will succeed on merit, not on the name "Firebird" or any
alternate name.

So let's drop the name discussion, and work on improving the
merits :)


On 28 Apr 2001, at 13:50, markus.soell@... wrote:

> Just a little statistics, for those who really think that the name
> Firebird is already widely used. I've done a few searches on Google
> and these are the results:
> "MySQL Database" 125000 hits
> "PostgreSQL Database" 18300 hits
> "Firebird Database" 20 hits
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