Subject RE: [IBDI] Logo colour
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
I rarely stealth a full msg of another person, but this posting represents
me very well:

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> Markus,
> All the logo's you have done look great!
> Here is my $.02:
> I personally like all the primary colors (Blue,
> Green etc.) and especially the "Fire" logo. But if I
> had to choose just one alternate color (beyond "Fire")
> for the logo it would be the DarkRed. The DarkRed2
> looks too purple to me. (Then again, I am partially
> color blind).

I liked the first logo geared towards yellow. Maybe too brilliant for some
people? I have difficulty watching red and green when they become dark, for
the same reason than Larry. So, my visual bias allows me to see specially
well yellow and blue. Is there anything really bad with having two
alternative logos?

> There is one thing I would like to suggest however.
> I noticed that all the primary colors but Yellow was
> present. Now I realize that the "Fire" logo has a lot
> of yellow, and that is the one I like the most, but a
> all yellow one would be nice. I, unlike the majority
> of the world, prefer black rather than white
> backgrounds. I feel it makes it easier for me to read
> things. The darker colors would not work well on a
> black background. Just a thought.
> Larry

Since the backgroud can be accommodated to the rest of the page/form where
it's used, it would be useful to have some light image color on black
backgroud and vice-versa.