Subject Re: [IBDI] Product name
Author Jeff Dodds
I would vote for Firebird over FirebirdSQL. I don't think Firebird is a
very good name for anything though, because of market saturation. I think
the Firebird organization will eventually have the same problem as Helix
Code. They found out their organization could not own the name of their
product, could not trademark it, and could not protect it from anyone else
using it however they wished to. Hence, Helix Code is now Ximian.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find a name similar in meaning to
"phoenix" which also has available domains so I am forced to support

Jeff Dodds

"Svein Erling Tysv�r" <svein.erling.tysvaer@...> wrote in
message news:
> Sorry Markus, I agree with Ann.
> To comment each of your reasons:
> #1 is an advantage only for MySQL and PostgreSQL, I think FirebirdSQL
> simply sounds like a worse engine than Firebird or Interbase.
> #2 Well, if you're into databases you will understand a bit. But SQL is a
> term many say they adhere to without being all too compatible.
> #3 is a good point and I didn't like that Firebird was taken. And it is
> possible to guess FirebirdSQL when you find that www.firebird is a car
> company, so I thought that was OK as a website (anyone thought of asking
> the car company to set up a link for lost database investigators, and
> possibly offer them a free database in return? ;o). I considered answering
> the previous mails by suggesting that Firebird was replaced by FireBirth
> (which is a nice description of how Firebird came into existence), but it
> didn't ring equally well in my ears and when I - the originator - didn't
> like the name, I didn't think others would like it either.
> FirebirdSQL is simply a bit too long for a name and adding SQL to the name
> sounds like emphasizing the quality of the name rather than the engine
> itself (like calling a company for BestBuy or GreatManufacturer - I
> wouldn't trust it one bit).
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