Subject declaring cursor
Author Tumelis Giedrius IF 5/1

As writen in Interbase 6.01 documentation, there is capability to create
cursor in the Interbase 6.01 server and insert blob data in the database
table using this created cursor.

First I tried to create some test cursor to see how this works.

As writen in documentation, the cursor declaration syntax is:
declare <cursor name> cursor for <select block>;

For example:

declare kurs cursor for select * from Product;

This statemend I tried to use with IBConsole, isql and in java source.
Everywhere got message about error :
error -104 <..> line 1 char 8.


Is it possible to create currsor in the interbase ?

If so, how to do that ?
If not, why then is otherwise declared in the documentation, and how to
insert blob data in the table without using cursor ?

with respect
Giedrius Tumelis.