Subject Re: About IBDI
Well yes, another example is

But in these cases, the .com is the commercial wing of one and the
same corporation which also controls the oss project. And the .org
site gives full information about the OSS project, it's not just a
developer site (at least for sendmail).

However, in those cases it makes sense, because the .com domain
corresponds to the name of the corporation: Sendmail Inc. and inc.

As long as Firebird is not for profit (which is an idea I like quite
well, actually) a separate .com site makes no sense.


--- In IBDI@y..., "Pavel Císaø" <pcisar@a...> wrote:
> On 26 Apr 2001, at 14:21, markus.soell@b... wrote:
> > I disagree. The top level domain (.com or .org) has not much
> > distinctive value, people tend to mix them up.
> >
> > The public site I am talking about is the "official" website of
> > Firebird oss venture, where the community communicates with the
> > of the world. This is the classical use for a .org domain.
> I'm inclined to disagree. Look at and, for
> example. But I'm not eager to have .org/.com separated. Your
> arrangement will work too.
> Regards
> -- Pavel