Subject Re: [IBDI] Is Firebird non-profit?
Author Mark O'Donohue
This reply is more about the title than the content, although the
question is echoed in other posts by Marcus.

markus.soell@... wrote:

Re: [IBDI] Is Firebird non-profit?

Well we ain't made any money yet, but since we pay a low rate (currently
zero) we haven't made a loss yet either. I did have this idea, about
putting Mike in a cage and a web cam, but that was another story.

But the world is a big place, and the future dificult to predict and the
current struggle in Firebird is just to survive and get established.

If someone is arround with the financial/marketting ability plus time
and money to set up a Firebird Association, then I suspect we would go
for it.

Of course, since dollars would make development of Firebird 1.0 a lot
quicker and smoother, , then I suspect that if investment dollars were
to be immediately forthcomming via something like the association or
some defined relationship with ibphoenix (since they also were after
investment). then it could all be sorted out fairly quickly.

Until that happens it is not worth worrying too much, partly becuase
there are many immediate and pressing concerns (mostly in releasing a
Firebird 1.0) that need to be addressed before we can say we have any
future at all.

My belief is emphatically that Firebird is best served by being a "not
for profit organisation" and that this type of organisation/association
is the best one equiped to navigate through the minefield of competing
interests that suround/unite/divide the Firebird/InterBase community.



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