Subject Re: About IBDI
> Ahhh! Now we can make some progress! Well, the /
> combo should work nicely. ORG site will cover
> everything about development (current Firebird site) and COM site
> will cover everything about all commercial ventures around Firebird
> (IBPhoenix, tool / application / library vendors etc.) and
> information for users (success stories, feature matrix, ten reasons
> why use Firebird etc.). As was said, the COM site could be quite
> static.

I disagree. The top level domain (.com or .org) has not much
distinctive value, people tend to mix them up.

The public site I am talking about is the "official" website of the
Firebird oss venture, where the community communicates with the rest
of the world. This is the classical use for a .org domain.

The development group is not an organization as such, it's a "unit",
so to speak, of the community as a whole. Often a subdomain is used
for sites of a division. But in any case the "public relations" site
of the community must be on the .org domain.

I would point the .com to the same site, because one thing is sure:
Most people who type .com instead of .org want to get to the same
place. They simply typed the wrong domain. again: the TLD isn't a
useful distinction.

As you said, the site on sourceforge is for developers. They know the
url and basically it can remain the same, maybe make a subdomain of point there as well.