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Hi, Helen.

--- In IBDI@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@d...> wrote:
> Hey, you are the *archetypal* community member. 90% of us are
database designers and application developers. The single thing that
binds us all is one special database that we believe in. The IBDI,
IBPhoenix and, more latterly, Firebird are expressions of that belief
and the value of working together on some complicated and often
shifting requirements.
> A point that has been emphasised more than once in the current
discussions is that those who contribute actively to the many
earn the right to determine the policies and outcomes of their effort
in proportion. Not recognising this essential point is the most
singular flaw in Borland's current "open source model". Control and
authority in voluntary efforts comes from within, not from any
externally imposed hierarchy.

Glad to listen it.

> Eric S. Raymond's paper "Homesteading the Noosphere" (available in
several languages) is well worth reading to understand the dynamics
open source communities. Start at this link:

Thank you, it must be interesting.

> btw, what is your first name?

It seems you are disturbed by my nickname. Sorry if it is
somewhat defiant for english-speaking people: when Yahoo
said me it is already used I searched for it... Wow! Punx
only! I have little experience with Internet and it's
interfaces, I always type my full name when asked (when
registered on Yahoo too, but it is not used). I did'nt
want to bother my sysadmin, he is on duty with ten of
our servers and support my DCOM applications on all square
of ex-USSR, but it seems it's time to ask him to make
me second address and re-register on Yahoo.
My name is Alexander Nevsky. "Ded" is "grandfather"
in Russian. I'm really not young and I was given this nickname
from my friends/learners a long since, and I like it, but...
(If it is somewhat nasty in slang, I will be grateful if someone
explain me in private ded@... - Yahoo don't like my
email and I don't use Yahoo's variant).

Best regards.