Subject Re: Dear Helen...
> If Markus had done the research he claimed he has done he would
> have known this and therefore could have avoided his
> embarrassments. Open mouth, insert foot. Next time if you want
> to know what IBDI is, perhaps you should acquaint yourself with
> it directly rather than making assumptions.

While I agree the story Helen told has something impressive and is a
proof for the merits of IBDI for InterBase OSS, I still have the
impression that IBDI tries too much to show understanding for
Borland, which is not in the best interest of Firebird.

So, I agree my HowTo doesn't give due credit to IBDI, but otherwise
it's quite ok I think - I don't feel embarrassed.

> Markus, it's Ok, we forgive you for making less than careful
> remarks and drawing incorrect assumptions about IBDI.

Oh, you forgive me, how nice :)

> Let's get on with it.
> Jason Wharton
> IBDI Co-Founder

A Co-Founder of the never actually founded IBDI, hehe