Subject I'm disappointed
This wasn't intended as a private mail!

I have commented the post of Helen, between the lines as usual, it
was not at all a new thread. Guess you haven't read that.

I somewhat agree it wasn't a flame, however wrote that after reading
the first part which, to me, was rather emotional and aggressive.

Hey peoples, I'm just disappointed. These folks are opposed to
intelligent structures of Firebird (including build distribution),
just because it serves the interest of ONE member of the community,
the folks from IBPhoenix.

That's not what I understand by Community.

Think about it!

Why not have a Firebird association to handle financial things? The
reason seems to be that these peoples want the money to go into their
own pocket instead into Firebird.

Sorry, I know you have done a lot of work, but anyway, this is simply
not what I expected and for my part, I will never contribute to a
commercial OSS project, like this one apparently shall become one.

Anyway, who are you folks who work on the project? Are you all really
ready to contribute your work to this project, knowing that a
commercial venture makes money from your work?

I'm not criticizing that they want to distribute CDs, that's the way
OSS projects work, anyone can do it. But that the community shall not
receive structures to well organize financing of its efforts (the
association) and shall consequently not be able to sell CDs herself,
just in order to make the business of IBPhoenix more lucrative,
that's simply too much.

Helen had some problems with my HowTo, in my opinion simply because I
point out a really good structure in the best interest of the
community whereas she and the folks at IBPhoenix prefer a community
without useful structures, so that they can better profit themselves.

That's my conclusion for the moment.

I'm curious to read other comments