Subject Re: [IBDI] Dear Helen...
Author Nando Dessena

> Dear Helen,

you should direct private posts to private mailboxes, otherwise avoid to
start new threads continuing old discussions; it gets difficult to
Anyway, here we are...

> if you have read my HowTo, you have certainly noticed that it's based
> on a careful analysis and not at all emotional. For some reason you
> have decided not reply with answers to the topics I raised, but
> rather with a flame fest.

Just my two cents: I couldn't find anything like a flame fest in Helen's
reply. I believe her analysis of your document is exact and I too had
the feeling that there were many things that you just hadn't the time
and/or possibility to know, to write such a paper.
One could think that the helpful hindsights Helen gave you (us) in that
reply are just what was needed to gain a clearer understanding of the
complex situation, if only one doesn't take it as a flame post...

I wonder what the rest of the good people in this list think about
Helen's post: was it a flame or not?

If you think that anyone having a different opinion than yours is
flaming, then it becomes clear you weren't here during the very bad
times of InterBase agony, otherwise you just wouldn't have survived.