Subject Re: website
> As I said, the site won't be very complicated nor will it have an
> awful lot of content, if someone with some HTML skills and a little
> spare time would like to contribute...

Hi Pavel,
please don't misunderstand me, this isn't to compete with you for who
should look after the Firebird official site.

If you're available to take care of it, that would of course be
perfect! If I have started a discussion about it, that's because I
believe this website, even if it's simple and concise, will be an
important part of the identity of Firebird. In corporate businesses
the decision how to present the company on the web is made by top
management. Firebird has no corporate structures but the core team of
developers _is_ a company (see the FAQ: ) and this website is actually
the site of this company. The decision how to present Firebird on the
web must be taken collectively and so I think a little discussion
about it is apropriate.

Even if the site will be small, it's no less a key instrument for the
Firebird company to communicate with the public. It would therefore
be wise if also (and especially) the active Firebird developers
stoped looking into the code for a little moment to think about the
website and tell their opinion.

Again, in my opinion this site must be up before Firebird 1.0 is
released. It's now the moment to discuss what it shall be like.