Subject Stress Testing Firebird
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi All

Firstly sorry about the cross post, but I wanted to make sure I reached
the right audience.

I have been asked quite a few times how people can help firebird, well I
think we thought of a small task that everyone/anyone can do to help
Firebird advance to the next level.

We at Firebird are getting close to producing our first production
release and are advancing into the Beta test stage. In order to
progress Firebird from beta into a production release Firebird has to
successfully pass through a "stress and volume" testing cycle and
currently we don't have a "stress and volume" test suite.

Now when I think of "stress and volume" I naturally think of the IB
community in general, so I thought that might be a good place to ask for
some example stress and volume tests.

Since you are all veteran IB/FB RDB users I was thinking we could start
the "stress and volume" ball rolling by asking for examples of your
meanest, toughest and dirtiest database scripts plus simple supporting
programs where required.

We also have to think of a simple supporting infrastructure that will
run of the stress tests on a number of platforms.

The aim is to build a simple test suite and simple support program that
we can then collectively pass around and run the upcoming beta
version of Firebird on the huge variety of available platforms and get
some feedback.

I think the initially the discussion should be in these newsgroups, but
that when we start running or distributing the scripts probably the
firebird-test@... (also available as news from will be a good place to focus the testing effort.

So if you would like to support the Firebird project because your a user
or developer that is likely to benefit from the project, your
opportunity to contribute has arrived.

So who has some "real world scripts" or ideas on what would look good in
a stress testing suite :-) ?



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