Subject Re: [IBDI] IBPhoenix - article about IB6, certified, faq etc...
Author Robert F. Tulloch

Thanks. I agree completely with what you are saying. I think it will evolve into
something worthwhile for both IB and Firebird. My connects were with regards to the
bitching, over and over, about how awful and short sighted Borland is.

Well, talk posted here is cheap, actually free. Borland has a responsibility to it's
share holders, some of whom may frequent groups like this to get a feeling on how the
company is doing. Borland has to take time to protect the share holders interests and
not step and fetch it because of some ranting.

Someone should try to come up with a proposal that would satisfy both the Open
Source community and Borlands interests. I think there is probably a middle ground.
The IB open source community would do well to put together a proposal that supports
their needs and Borlands need to turn a profit on IB and then send it to Ted Shelton
for discussions. This is much better than listening to the continuous griping.

Best regards