Subject RE: Kylix freebies
Author Syarzhuk Kazachenka
Phil Shrimpton wrote:

>InterBase v6.0 open source license - Develop and test multi-user SQL
>Applications with InterBase 6.0 development license. Use the
>development license to build your application, only deploying a live
>production license when complete.

>...that must be a typo?

1) It could be just a typo - if that document was prepared in early 2000,
there was 5.6 and it made sense - the version number changed to 6.0 but no
one re-read the paragraph - typical Borland'ish
2) It could be that the Linux/Kylix *drivers* require a license. Open
sourcing a database doesn't mean all the drivers have to be open source
and/or free


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