Subject Re: [IBDI] Names of our lists/newsgroups
Author Artur Anjos
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From: "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...>

> My preference is to stay with yahoogroups - they're
> obnoxious and seem to have given up the idea that you
> can pay them not to stuff ads in your mail - but they're
> also reliable and very very fast.

I vote on this too. Also is easy for new users to join Yahoo Groups.
Can I read between the lines that you agree with the 'fb-' names?

> I also think that having InterBase
> users on our lists is a good thing - first, we're taking
> potential support revenue from Borland, second, we're
> demonstrating the depth and competence of the Firebird
> organization, and third the competition isn't Borland
> or MySQL or Postgres, it's Oracle & MsSQL. Lets not
> drive more people to the dark side by fighting among
> ourselves.

1st. 'We're taking potencial support revenue from Borland'. Can you explain
this to me better?
2nd: Yeap, I agree with you in this.
3th: Are you saying that you are not worry with IB/MySQL/Postgres? Just with
Oracle & MsSQL? Ok, we are one step further that I was thinking. Good
move... I like that. A lot.

Artur Anjos