Subject RE: [IBDI] Names of our lists/newsgroups
Author Leyne, Sean

> At times Sean Leyne has proposed starting up a "Firebird
> support" list on Sourceforge. I've opposed that because I
> see more disadvantage than benefit, viz.
> -- it means that those of us who are able to help with
> questions have to split time and effort across multiple
> lists. The load is already heavy enough.
> -- it places an undesirable "ring" around Firebird users that
> somehow excludes users of InterBase(R). Where can they go,
> other than the b.p.i. newsgroups?

Since my name was mentioned, perhaps I should join in... :-]

I was not suggesting that the IB-Support list should be renamed or
eliminated but rather was pointing out that there is a 'disconnect' when
the Firebird project points to an "IB" list for support questions. (As
a Firebird Admin team member, I do have to 'think about' these things,
and do bring it up every 8 months or so... to make sure that the admins
do a 'head check')

I also not suggesting that the Firebird support list be a FB exclusive
area (the devel list would be, though), generally we should be as
friendly as possible to our 'unfortunate brethren' (joking!).

Additionally, there are some issues related to the operation of the
Atkin news mirror for the yahoo hosted lists, which don't affect the
sourceforge lists. These issues weigh on my mind because they affect
the ability of Firebird users to get support issues addressed. I see
hosting a FB support list on SF as a better approach. (I also have some
issues with the whole yahoogroups membership thing which also colours my

That being said, the speed/responsiveness of the YahooGroups venue is
fantastic be beat -- it's almost like a chat room. Also, Helen's point
about splitting resources amongst multiple venues is well founded.

Personally, I find the current situation acceptable, but will continue
to bring up the subject for discussion to the Firebird Admins every so
often just to make sure that we are taking our 'temperature'...


> In the process, we lose our
> archives. (We do have a few months of archives on the atkin
> news server, so our worst loss would be the ib-architect
> history which goes right back to early in 2000).

I just had a quick look, and it seems that it would be relatively
straight forward to extract the archives if the need arose.