Subject Re: Names of our lists/newsgroups
Author doidodoscornos
--- In IBDI@y..., "Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@u...> wrote:
> Finally some fun for the end of the year...
> :-)

Yes, let's rock & roll!

> Everybody that has visited the Borland NGs knows that TeamB
repeat "this is
> not the place for FB questions". In IB-Support, IB or FB are
> alike. We shouldn't take the same route than Borland, since IBDI
> profit by defending FB; Borland has to defend their commercial work
> so this explain their desire to keep their NGs for their flavor
only. I
> personally feel comfortable with the name of the several lists
managed by
> IBDI and don't want to see a change. I feel comfortable discussing
> engine flavor.

I defend the idea to change names, not to change way of doing things.
This lists are very good in my opinion.

But I think that we all must work in FB future, and don't follow
Borland's example of keeping things with unclear plans for a lot of

It's time to take decisions. I will say again that I'm to newbie to
this comunity, and I should respect people like you that talk about
the engine like I talk about my motorcycle... So, I have started and
I will continue this discussion as a 'new member', as a person
that 'went here, love the project, and it's here to stay'.

> Firebird was a proposed icon for IB6, not intended initially to
name a
> fork.) Finally, Borland made clear that IB returns to closed, paid
> with a shrunken open sourced flavor whose future is uncertain, but
this is
> rather recent. (They still don't state what's the exact fate of the
> IB-OE.)

Yes. This is the point. We now have a Borland's decision. What about
having a FB Team decision? Or the FB Team is telling the comunity of
users like me that they don't have a decision? Do we have a FireBird
project by it's own or not?

The FB Team had no decision at all at the fork. It was Borland
decision. If FireBird will not make a difference in a near future,
what it will be it's future?

> Closing the door to IB flavors is not acceptable in my opinion.

I have already re-think my opinion in the last post, answering Geoff.
I agree with both of you.

> If we accept that proposal for change, we will end up having IBDI
> itself renamed FBDI.
> ;-)

Yes. This is my 3rd post in this newsgroup and I'm already saying
that we must change it's name...

A. (The LetsKickSomeA.... guy.)