Subject Firebird RC1 win install: how to get "Server Manager" program?
Author mailmur
I downloaded a self-installing package to Win platform from here. It
works ok:

This was due to a clean install requirement what RC1 package from
Firebird site does not provide (don't know why, should provide is my
opinion). I tried RC1 package from FB site installation in an another
machine, where I had ""
installation made earlier. RC1 snapshot package broke it and could
not start the server anymore. I did not have time to look it further,
so downloaded and tested the mentioned clean-install package.

Netvisao site package did not contain "Server Manager" application,
where I could start/stop, enable/disable "[x] Run as NT Service"

Anyone know how to copy a small "Server Manager" program from
Firebird site's installation package?
I would like to add it to my RC1 clean install.