Subject RE: [IBDI] press article in german paper
Author Christian Gütter

> Gefährliche Hintertür in Borland-Datenbank (12.01.2001)
> MÜNCHEN (COMPUTERWOCHE) - Auf eine Hintertür in Borlands
> Open-Source-Datenbank "Interbase" hat das Computer Emergency
> Response Team (CERT) hingewiesen. Betroffen sind die


> .courtesy of Babelfish ....
> Dangerous back door in boron land data base (12.01.2001)
> MUNICH (COMPUTER WEEK) - on a back door in boron country open
> SOURCE data base " intercousin " referred to the Computer
> Emergency Response Team (CERT). The versions 4,0 to 6.0 are


it may be only funny for Germans,
but I think "intercousin" is a great
translation for "Interbase"!

The next time we are looking for a name for the
database of the new millennium, we should just
have a look at some translations of Babelfish ...