Subject Re: [IBDI] ibdi agenda article

So the short answer is there are two paths, and they will remain so we
are better of concentrating on one or other now and not waste bandwidth
trying to do deals.

That is more or less what I had decided anyway, but having already put
money into Interbase licences, I had hoped that Borland would get round
to supplying a product that actually worked. I was using IB5.1 Clients
with IB5.6 Servers and lots of hand holding despite paying Borland for
support. I now have IB6 with IBO and a stable system that is not costing
me hours of time to keep alive. My 'shareholders' had reached a point
where they were saying "Bin Interbase and use 'anything' else". IBO kept
things alive and IB6 works great.

Bottom line, I'm not fussed over a name, now I (like Jason) need to
recope some money from the last three years work, by selling some new
product rather than fire fighting systems that I had already been paid
for, but which never worked fully.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services