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Author Kaputnik
shame, didn't knew baout sap db....

well, after a few incquiries, there seem to be no customers with sap db
newer than 4.0.a, so it is some years ago, we had our last rollout on this
Also, SAP-db lacks several features, which make it unusable for several
tasks (e.g. selectable stored procs)...It was decided to open source the db
to simplify support (and cut costs) for existing customers, not to kiss MS's
ass :-))
For oracle, you have a bold statement. We are not kissing up with MS, but
only using alternatives.
As Orcale has a competing ERP-product against us (and a pretty bad one,
exactly) and having Crazy Larry literally declare war with SAP, we would be
very dumb supporting Oracle DB anymore. With every rollout of R/3 we would
strenghten Oracle financially. We are preferring DB2 , and using MS-SQL only
for smaller customers and for CRM. Despite, MS is using our products
themself (and paying large bucks), so why not using MS-products in return?
Also, having DB2 having much better performance, easier to configure (sigh)
and more scalable, why still using Oracle as our standard?

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> It seems to me like after SAP had their falling out with oracle and
> kissing up to MS they decided they did not want to keep maintaning the
> database (sound familiar?) and opened up the source. The support listserve
> is not very busy so I gather the user base is rather small.