Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Comments on IBDI article I just posted...
Author Paul Gallagher
Hard to believe that Jason, of all people, would be banned from an Interbase
support list. I'm shocked, to say the least. I wondered what happened to the
IBO group on Mers. Jason said there was "technical difficulty". I guess he
was just being polite.

Also, as far as fewer posts on mers lately. Im one of the few less. Since
the Interbase lists went to Egroups, I hardly even look at the mers lists
anymore, much less post to them. And now that I have heard that Jason has
been banned, I am considering deleting from my newsreader

Paul Gallagher

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> > Taking a look at the message-count on the mers-list,
> > it seems, that a lot of users are perhaps ex-interbase
> > users now, as the number of messages is sinking
> > steadily.
> The reason here is because "Darth Scheick" is now banning anyone who has a
> viewpoint that he doesn't fully agree with. A large number of people have
> been banned (myself included) and he is reading each post individually to
> insure that only ideas and concepts approved of by him are given air
> For all we know there are a lot of messages simply stuffed up in the queue
> of messages to be screened. This utterly kills the effectiveness of a
> support forum. When people are asking for help, they need it right then
> there, not when Rob gets around to herding through another batch of
> messages.
> I think such a practice is a grave offense when it is done to the
> proportions that Rob is doing. Yes, there was some bickering going on but
> a large measure some good came of it. In fact, a lot of good came of it.
> policy of using force and imposing silence will only frustrate things
> There are valid concerns out there that need to be aired out and resolved.
> Sweeping them under the rug and duct-taping people's mouths won't cure
> anything.
> I highly recommend that all who are interested in a support environment
> of these delays and screenings, join the IB-Support list at
> Jason Wharton
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