Subject V6 and ODS 9
Author Ann Harrison
Please forgive this massive cross-post. The issue is important
and I want to reach as broad an audience as I can.

> Herman Steigstra wrote:
> ...
> > I installed the latest version 6.0.1. Since then I cannot access any 5.x
> > gdb's anymore....
> > Herman Steigstra

"Aaron Ruddick[Borland]" <aruddick@...> wrote in message
> We have removed this functionality from the product. ...
> Some of our customers have found certain permutations of ODS 9 and 8
> databases that IB6 cant read. We have not found any cases of data
> corruption, but we feel it is safer to do standard migration.
> Thank you,
> Aaron Ruddick
> InterBase QA

Would anyone who has had trouble reading an ODS 9 database with
InterBase 6 or Firebird please contact me?

Thank you

Ann Harrison