Subject RE: [IBDI] UDF Questions
Author Leyne, Sean

This list is supposed to be for discussions of general Interbase
community issues (bitching about Borland), product announcements or any
other topic not suitable for any other IB list. (I realize this is hard
to tell from the posting as a late)

It is not for the discussion of product usage, support or architecture
questions. These questions should be directed to:

Architecture (how would I implement a new server feature?...)
questions should be posted to the IB-Architecture list on egroups.

Support/product usage questions should be directed to the
IB-Support list on egroups or the Mers Interbase list (

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> As far as I understand, you run IB as a service. Any service
> running under 'LocalSystem' account in Windows has
> as its default working directory.

Logical. Thanks for info.

Best regards

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