Subject UDF Questions
Author Robert F. Tulloch

I am in process of writing udf and can't get it to work with IB. I have been looking
at source for examples and find toooo many examples.

What specific .c & .h files were used to build the UDF's that work with IB6 build
for win32:

Version WI-V6.0.0.627 ?

For example:

udflib.c defines char *buffer[256] so it "won't go away". No such animal in
ib_udf.c not any of the includes. I have also found other definitions of the
functions. Very confusing. I have gotten mine to work when called from another test
program but it won't work when called from IB. The problem is not the define external
function. It runs without error when called from IB, it just doesn't do what it is
supposed to and returns NULL instead of True or False. And in my test program while
debugging, the return buffer contains the correct value immediate prior to exiting the
udf but is undefined when it returns to the calling function.


Best regards