Subject Re: [IBDI] UDF Questions
Author Nando Dessena

> Well I did the easter egg hunt. I fount it in WinNT\System32!!!!!
> What the hell would it be doing there? Any ideas? I thought exported functions were
> executed in the calling apps process space and the current drive is where that .exe
> resides. Weird.

the current directory is not the one the exe resides in, but rather it
is by default the current directory of the launching process. If you run
the IB server as an application, you can specify the path in the link
file. Otherwise, I guess that every service application gets launched by
a program located in System32.

I would'nt rely on current directory anyway, and go read the path from
the system Registry, which is the only reliable way I see to do it.
Performance is not an issue, you're not gonna clear the log many times
per second, are you?