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Author Dominique Louis
Hi all,
I mentioned this to Ann Harrison a little while back and am unsure as to
if this idea has been passed onto this list. So I apologies if it already

Background Histroy
There is currently a product called Tango ( ) that allows you to create
e-commerce or database driven site with extreme ease. It is basically and
RAD tool for e-commerce/database driven site creation and generates a
compiled propietry script file called a taf file ( tango application file).
Everything in the IDE is effectively a drag and drop operation with the
flexibility of hand tweaking things ( souds familiar doesn't it ). It works
with Apache, IIS and many other Web servers and natively supports Oracle
and Pervasive 2000 ( what used to be Btrieve ) and other databases via

To create an equivalent tool with native Interbase support. I personally
would probably use Delphi ( and of course Kylix when it's out ) to develop
it so that both Windows and Linux platforms are covered. My first
suggestion of a scripting language would probably be PHP4 but I'm sure
others on this list may have experince with other scripting languages like
DWS ( Delphi Web Script ) or PSP ( Pascal Server Pages ) but as PHP as more
widely used it seems like a more logical alternative ( feel free to
disagree and point out the holes in my argument ). I see the combination of
Apache, Interbase and PHP as a really good combination technically as well
as cost effective for most database driven web sites or e-commerce sites.

I would suggest that those interested in this project download a 30 day
trial copy from Pervasive to get a feel for what sort of project this is
likely to be.

I look forward to any feedback ( preferably constructive ).


Dominique Louis
Delphi Developer and aspiring Delphi Game Developer.
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