Subject Re: [IBDI] A suggestion
Author Vince Duggan
Hi John,

I am not sure of the differences between PHP3 and PHP4 when it comes to
add on modules, so it may be too much to expect the IB module within
PHP3 to work with PHP4. However...

I am pretty sure that the fact that PHP4 is not working with Interbase
has nothing to do with the Interbase version. The Interbase module for
PHP3 was written apparently for Interbase 4. I have it (PHP3) working
with no problems on RH 6.1 with Interbase 5.6 I'll try it today with
IB6(beta). Since one typically builds PHP specifically with Interbase
enabled i.e:

./configure --with-interbase=/usr/interbase

it builds using the version of ibase.h and on the machine. As
Ann pointed out, Interbase go to major lengths to make sure that the API
is backward and forward compatible. Certainly I have never had any
problems compiling API apps under different versions of Interbase.

I suggest you have one of a number of different problems:

1. You are using a pre-built PHP4, which has been built without the
Interbase support included.

2. You are using a pre-built PHP4, which has been built with a previous
version of Interbase, and the libraries don't match up.

3. You have built PHP4 yourself with the correct Interbase version
included, and it doesn't work for one of three reasons:
a) The PHP4 Interbase module is buggy (quite likely)
b) The PHP4 Interbase module has not been looked at since PHP3 -
(also quite likely)
c) You have configured something else (such as Apache) incorrectly
so that nothing in PHP4 works (unlikely).

I'd like to hear exactly how it is not working...


John.Hubbard@... wrote:
> This is kind of off the cuff, but it may be a project worthy of calling on
> your userbase for help with.
> I installed SuSE Linux on a machine so I could play with the new IB 6.0
> SuperServer package. IB installed fine, and works fine. The goal was to see
> how well IB 6 works with PHP 4.0(which supports IB, at least version 4).
> Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all with IB 6.
> I know very little about C/C++, I've always been a little intimidated by
> it, but I printed out the API Ref and I'm hoping that I can at least figure
> out what's missing. For the developers, and you probably already know this,
> PHP is a hugely popular web scripting engine. There are legions of
> potential IB users among PHP's ranks.
> So, I'm putting out the call for anybody on this list with some C/C++
> experience to take a look at this problem. I'm a rank amatuer, so any
> advice/help you could send my way would be hugely appreciated. TIA
> Thatcher Hubbard
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