Subject A suggestion
This is kind of off the cuff, but it may be a project worthy of calling on
your userbase for help with.
I installed SuSE Linux on a machine so I could play with the new IB 6.0
SuperServer package. IB installed fine, and works fine. The goal was to see
how well IB 6 works with PHP 4.0(which supports IB, at least version 4).
Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all with IB 6.
I know very little about C/C++, I've always been a little intimidated by
it, but I printed out the API Ref and I'm hoping that I can at least figure
out what's missing. For the developers, and you probably already know this,
PHP is a hugely popular web scripting engine. There are legions of
potential IB users among PHP's ranks.
So, I'm putting out the call for anybody on this list with some C/C++
experience to take a look at this problem. I'm a rank amatuer, so any
advice/help you could send my way would be hugely appreciated. TIA

Thatcher Hubbard