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I hope you guys don't take this as pestering. Speaking for myself, and
probably most of the other BSD fans on the list, I'm pretty excited to be
able to use your product on my platform. I'd never even heard about
Interbase, but I was tired of MySQL's stripped-down SQL syntax and decided
to look at the other DBs that PHP supported. When I found the IB page, saw
its history and what it could do, I was totally floored. I'm installing
Linux on a machine right now just so I can play with until a BSD version
hits the wire. So don't take it the wrong way, it's just enthusiasm.

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Subject: [IBDI] RE: BSD

At 02:20 PM 4/4/00 -0500, John.Hubbard@... wrote:

> > > > > >Can LINUX survive a power supply failure? <g>
> > > >Besides *BSD( free, open, net) are better servers then linux, linux
> > > >more press though. Just ask yahoo and hotmail and walnut creek
> > > Yeah but... no Interbase port!
> > Patience, gentlepeople.
> Can we take this to mean "It's being considered."?

Yes. No schedule, no guarantees, but this is not the first
time I've heard that *BSD is a desirable platform.


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