Subject Re: [IBDI] Which license(s)?
Author Ann Harrison
At 11:25 AM 3/31/00 +0200, Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:

>The definition of "Commercial Use" (1.0.1) is a bit wider than I'm used to.
>It just says "...distribution ... making ... available..." and doesn't
>mention anything commercial.

That language is straight from the Mozilla license. The term is referenced
only once, in 2.2b, describing the act that causes the reciprocal licenses
to be effective. Even if you give away your code, you must still make
changes to the InterBase sources available to the community.

>Section 3.6 probably has a spelling mistake on line 10 (at least line 10 of
>my printout): "...and hat the license..." should be "...and that the

Good eyes. Thank you.