Subject Re: [IBDI] design
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:56 PM 22-03-00 +0000, you wrote:
>From: "Syarzhuk Kazachenka" <bamboo7431@...>
>Is the site specifically designed in a way that on my 15" monitor (yes, I
>committed a deadly sin of not upgrading) the rightmost column (under the
>words "Visit the IB official site") is totally hidden and a quick look at
>the browser screen doesn't even suggest its presence?
>Is it so hard to write "width=100%" in the main table so it renders properly
>within the screen no matter what resolution the browser uses?
Cross-browserness is the problem. On my 15" monitor IE5 doesn't handle
percentages correctly (but NN 4.08 does). I've just had to make the best
of a bad deal and get something that I can see with my 15" monitor on both
browsers, and do all measurement in pels.

I can see half of the rightmost column at a quick glance, even though I
have the Office toolbar docked down the full length of the RH side of my
screen. I'm on 1024 X 768 res., small fonts.

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