Subject RE: [IBDI] Source under NDA
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:03 AM 13-03-00 -0500, you wrote:
>From: Ann Harrison <harrison@...>
>Helen Borrie wrote:
> >Given a long enough time between the private review and the official
> >opening, unoffical IB6+ binaries could be compiled and implemented
> >with the proprietors powerless to do anything
> >about it.
>Much as I dislike to disagree with Helen, I do have a few quibbles
>with that statement. First, the limited release would be under a
>license and only available to friends. Friends don't fork friends'
>code - particularly if the license says they shouldn't. Second,
>even if the odd nefarious friend decided to fork the code, building
>it would be a serious challenge. (Actually, it might be worth
>releasing the code ahead of time, just to get help sanitizing the
>build procedures.) And third, ISC will be the copyright holder and
>the guardian of the sources, not the proprietor.

And waaaay back at the beginning of the discussion, that's just what I was

So we all found the lost plot and lived happily ever after.

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