Subject RE: [IBDI] Source under NDA
Author Ann Harrison
Helen Borrie wrote:

>Given a long enough time between the private review and the official
>opening, unoffical IB6+ binaries could be compiled and implemented
>with the proprietors powerless to do anything
>about it.

Much as I dislike to disagree with Helen, I do have a few quibbles
with that statement. First, the limited release would be under a
license and only available to friends. Friends don't fork friends'
code - particularly if the license says they shouldn't. Second,
even if the odd nefarious friend decided to fork the code, building
it would be a serious challenge. (Actually, it might be worth
releasing the code ahead of time, just to get help sanitizing the
build procedures.) And third, ISC will be the copyright holder and
the guardian of the sources, not the proprietor.