Subject IB webring
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
First, sorry to list members for the pollution but it seems I can't contact
this person by direct email, so I will use this list as a bridge:
Marcos Nobre, are you still on this list? Please answer privately.
You requested your web site to be added to the IB webring. I added it
because I found useful content. The person that submitted the node to the
webring NEVER put the so-called "HTML fragment" in the main page of the
The ring has a Ring Checker, namely, a kind of garbage collector that runs
every week. It detected your site doesn't have the links to make the webring
to work, so IB-Brasil was put on hold, in the queue, as when it was
submitted for revision.
I tried to contact your privately and don't know if my email was lost. I
tried to email otc@... (the registered administrator of your site)
with no luck.
The only requirement is to put the same little static text link that
appears at the bottom of IBDI's site, and the German sites
submitted by Karsten Strobel, but using your "site ID" that's 7. It's so
simple, there're no banners or images or applets to include.
I will wait until Friday for an explicit answer before removing the site
from the queue definitely. I can't do more. I'm not putting pressure, only I
want to give you a chance to respond before proceeding.

Claudio Valderrama C.
Ingeniero en Informática - Consultor independiente