Subject New build of Easysoft ODBC Driver
Author Nick Gorham
I have just put 1.1.37 on the ftp site, this contains a number of small

* Make Database a synonym for DB in the connect string for backwards

compatibility with the Intersolv driver
* Ignore leading spaces in the connect string
* Add support for TINYINT, and BIGINT
* Add missing break that stopped timestamps from being set via date
* Add mapping between IB errors and ODBC states
* Fix problem with foreign keys appearing in SQLStatistic result-set

* Make primary keys appear first in SQLStatistics output, its not
but it makes Access find the primary key, not just a unique
* SQLDescribeCol was returning SQL_SUCCESS regardless of error
* Fix problem with dialog on 95
* Optimise parameter and column binding code, and shortcut the
parseing of escape chars
* Fix problem with differing numbers of bound parameters