Subject Re: [IBDI] Create Proceedure Question
Author Robert F. Tulloch

The code is part of a larger series which produces output for a
summary report using Crystal based on selected year and closing
date. It may be convoluted but seemed to me the logical way to go
about this.

> - I don't agree with your conclusion in kinobi.ibconsole NG that colons
> shouldn't be used before variable names in the INTO clause. I noticed you
> have an space between the colon and the "NewDues" variable; don't do that
> and avoid further motives to confuse the parser. If you come with an example
> in isql.exe where a colon in front of a variable name after the INTO clause
> makes a compilation to fail, I would consider such case a bug.

This was not a "conclusion" but a necessity.

This is the second time I have had to remove the colon in front
of the variable name to get it to compile. I had forgotten that I
had to do it previously. I had already removed the extra space and
rewritten it as:

select A from t
where blah1
into :A;

select B from t2
where blah2
into :B;

select C from t3
where blah3
into :C;

and without removing the colon it also returned the same parser
error. Removing the colon lets it compile. The earlier one where I
had to remove the colons runs fine.

And finally, thanks for pointing out the use of SUSPEND as
opposed to EXIT since it now works perfectly and returns the
correct data.

It is not my position to point out the colon issue and declare it
a "bug" but I think there is some problem here. The example:
employee.gdb uses the colons and the SP's must compile.
employee.gdb is Dialect 1 and mine is Dialect 3 so maybe there is
some problem here and the examples in the help are from

Have you used a dialect 3 and sp with a colon and it compiled? Two
times convinces me it is a problem which hopefully I will remember
next time I hit it.