Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: porting to SCO
"Ann W. Harrison" schrieb:
> At 03:34 PM 11/20/2000 +0000, Daniel Bertin wrote:
> >Ok then where should I start,
> Firebird at sourceforge.

Well, I agree so far, but Ann has left out some
details that are not so obvious for those of us
who never worked with sourceforge before.
So here is a step by step instruction (as far as
I can remember :-)

1. Take a look at
or to get a
general overview.
2. Get the actual source with your favorite cvs client.
If you don't have an Interbase server installed on
your SCO Box, you can try to adapt
to be used on SCO.
3. If you want to commit changes to the firebird tree
a. get a sourceforge account by choosing
New User via SSL (follow the instructions)
b. After your sf membership has been confirmed,
log in to sf via ssl and go to
Chose one of the project admins and
drop him/her a mail via the provided
sf form.
4. Take a look at the mailing lists, and subscribe at least
to firebird-devel (AFAIK you have to be logged in to do this)
Some of the lists are only available after you have been
included in the Firebird developers list.

good luck


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